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Maven pom Checkstyle configuration with Eclipse

In a previous post on Eclipse plugins, two excellent plugins were mentioned which can automatically set up your Eclipse project to use the same Checkstyle configuration that is configured in your pom file. However, the only problem with both of these plugins is that they will only be able to find your Checkstyle configuration if […]


Useful Eclipse Plugins

A list of handy Eclipse plugins for the Eclipse IDE eCobertura – Allows Cobertura code coverage to be run from the IDE directly eclipse-cs – Enforces coding standards using the CheckStyle tool PMD – Scans Java code and reports potential problems M2Eclipse – Maven integration from Sonatype m2e-extensions – Works with version 0.10 of the […]


Maven site generation error: DTDDVFactoryImpl does not extend from DTDDVFactory

When generating a site with Maven, we encountered the following exception when a particular reporting plugin was executed: This basically meant that an incompatible version of xerces was trying to be run. We have everything set to use Java 1.6, which ships with its own version of xerces. After some debugging, it was tracked down […]