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Newer jQuery with Richfaces

Richfaces 3.3 comes with jQuery 1.3.2 and so you may find you want to use some newer features of jQuery that are only available in a later version. It is actually very easy to use a newer version of jQuery with Richfaces by simply including the newer version and then putting it into noConflict mode […]


JSF, Iterating with tomahawk radio buttons, t:datalist, a4j:repeat

The standard JSF radio buttons h:selectOneRadio render a load of old school html (i.e. they use table tags to do layout, (all a bit 1996)). e.g. JSF h:selectOneRadio tag Code for #{radioOptions} Note: I’m using jboss seam in the example above, but you could easily remove the seam annotations and define the bean in using […]


3D Secure and the PaReq field in Google Chrome & Safari Browsers

I recently had to implement the 3D Secure payment system. In order to do this 3 fields must be sent to the 3D Secure ACS (Access Control Server) MD Term Url PaReq (Payer authentication request) Initally everything went well until we tested our pages in Google Chrome and Safari. Under both browsers the 3D Secure […]